About Us

Cindy Duke taught seventh grade English Language Arts for five years and is currently working as a district reform coach. She is also working on her M.S. in Middle Level Education. She has a B.A. in English with an option in Secondary Education. She thought about pursuing teaching as a career as early as the second grade, and decided firmly on that course in the sixth grade. While she originally aspired to teach at the high school level, she found a place at a local middle school teaching seventh grade English Language Arts, and has become passionate about the challenges and rewards that can only be found at the middle level. Classroom management is a favorite topic of hers, and she enjoys reading education-related articles and sharing them with her colleagues. She is also a frequent guest speaker at the Classroom Management class offered through the Project Pipeline teacher credentialing program. She lives with her husband and two pets: a Toy Poodle, and Bengal cat.

Ginny Duncan knew she wanted to go into education when she realized she was analyzing the teaching strategies of her teachers in middle and high school.  She has now been teaching English at the middle school level for thirteen years.  She has a BA in English and Education, an MS in Education with an emphasis in Literacy, and is currently working on her EdD in Teacher Leadership.  Her initial goal was to teach at the high school level.  However, after obtaining her first teaching position in a middle school, she decided that was where she wanted to develop her career.  One of Ginny’s main interests in the educational world is creating learning environments that are both physically and emotionally appealing for middle school students—an environment where students and teachers feel safe and respected, and an environment where students want to be and where students want to learn.  She currently works as an instructional coach at a high school in Kansas. She and her husband have one son, along with a dog (a Chihuahua) and a Bengal cat.    

Top Etiquette Student Tea Party 2011

Cindy and Ginny were both recently featured as presenters at the California League of Middle Schools Annual Conference in February, 2011. They have also led two staff development sessions at their middle school on the subject of using etiquette in the classroom.